October 20, 2014
"'So—' Said Billy gropingly, 'I suppose that the idea of preventing war on Earth is stupid, too.'
‘Of course.’
‘But you do have a peaceful planet here.’
‘Today we do. On other days we have wars as horrible as any you’ve ever seen or read about. There isn’t anything we can do about them, so we simply don’t look at them. We ignore them. We spend eternity looking at pleasant moments—like today at the zoo. Isn’t this a nice moment?’
‘That’s one thing Earthlings might learn to do, if they tried hard enough: Ignore the awful times, and concentrate on the good ones.’
‘Um,’ said Billy Pilgrim."

— Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

October 19, 2014
#streetart #mcdonalds #capitalism #irony

#streetart #mcdonalds #capitalism #irony

October 19, 2014
Post therapy selfie

Post therapy selfie

October 19, 2014
The light was perfect today.

The light was perfect today.

October 18, 2014


Photo Highlights from Ferguson October “Weekend of Resistance”

Quote from J. Myles
“Real talk- I did this for a weekend. These ppl here have been doing this every damn day. I’m exhausted over here wondering how ppl can handle the mental and physical strain. They are legit fighting for mike brown and the systematic racism we face as a ppl. [We], whoever all need to support them because this fight is for all of us. No way around that fact. “

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October 18, 2014

Anonymous said: A while a go you rebloged a quote from Sarah Schulman, "There is a destructive impulse inside many white gay men, where they become cruel or child-like or spineless out of a rage about not having the privileges that straight men of our race take for granted. They have grief about not being able to subjugate everyone else at will.”". As a white gay men yourself, how have you used your privileges to oppress and subjugate?

If you can find a way to ask this question that isn’t baited or loaded with the assumption that I have conscientiously used my white skin of my status of man to oppress and subjugate others and doesn’t assign me identity categories based on a blog, I’d be happy to answer it.

But I’d also respond to this question with another question: in what world do you live where gay privilege is a thing? I still live in a world where not only heterosexuality is a norm but the norm and all other sexualities are just lesser forms of that norm. There is street harassment, there is still erasing certain parts of myself in certain environments, there is still the potential for violence. There is still the heightened scrutiny from every institution (healthcare, family care, labor, etc) on my life (and maybe yours, too, anon) because I (you) might fuck people of the same gender or simply want to. From your question, I understand that gayness can be used to subjugate; in what contexts?

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October 15, 2014
Amongst the Natives #1

andthelabtell me a story.

Here is a story about being cruel to me. Here is another version of this story:

I was talking with a friend who is friends with an ex of mine last week and he expressed fear for my ex: He’s getting worse! I think he might start voting conservative or even nationalist.

And I started reflecting on my short relationship with that person and how he might be more conservative than my friend would want him to be and I remembered that he once told me that there does seem to be a world-wide Jewish Conspiracy and implied that my having a small amount of money proved this. He told me that it was because I wasn’t his type that he wasn’t getting turned on during sex. He told me that inter-cultural relationships weren’t a good idea because he had dated a Muslim man during Ramadan and viewed it as a burden to him because he felt bad about eating in front of him. And I didn’t even think about leaving him until after he made the third comment about his Muslim ex-lover. He not only told me that I was a Jew that confirmed his old-style, conspiracy Anti-Semitism, but also that I was unattractive to him. I only felt leaving him was justified, however, after he started being racist or an asshole to people who weren’t me.

He was staying with me at the time, so I didn’t see the point of breaking up with him right then and there in my kitchen, after he told me that dating Muslims was just too hard for white Catholic people. I lazily performed our relationship for the rest of the weekend and broke up with him four hours before his train back home on Sunday. I said that him telling me I was unattractive made me feel unattractive and that we shouldn’t keep seeing each other because part of the reason people have sex is that they are attracted to each other.

He cried and said “I guess this is the problem with honesty.”

But as I try not to say bad things about people to people that admire them, all I said to my friend was “Well his grandparents were collaborators.”

Which is true. He told me that, too.

October 15, 2014
Life Update: Lessons learned amongst the natives

I learned last weekend that I know/write/read French better than some native speakers, or at least have better reading comprehension than they do. I also learned that, at my young age, I’ve been more places, had more jobs, been in love and learned to look at the world differently more times than most people do in their entire lives, and I am so grateful that I can be just as kind to myself as I can be cruel. 

And I will keep this with me.

October 15, 2014


Hey Hetero! is a public art project collaboration between artist Deborah Kelly and photographer Tina Fiveash. The project’s pieces have appeared in 30 illuminated public advertising spaces in Sydney streets, a CBD billboard, magazines, newspapers, bus ads, Avant Cards, galleries, and online. Hey Hetero! returns the gaze at heterosexuality: the priveleged sexuality which makes the LGBT movement both possible and necessary. In the form of simulated mainstream ‘advertisements’, the artwork invites heterosexuality into public discourse.

I love this.


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October 13, 2014
""I, Billy Pilgrim" the tape begins, "will die, have died, and will always die on february thirteenth, 1976."
At the time of his death, he says, he is in Chicago to address a large crowd on the subject of flying saucers and the true nature or time. His home is still in Illium. He had had to cross three international boundaries in order to reach Chicago. The United States of America had been Balkanized, had been divided into twenty petty nations so that it will never again be a threat to world peace. Chicago had been hydrogen-bombed by angry Chinamen. So it goes. It is all brand new."

Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five


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