August 30, 2012
My Work in IRL!

Ah! My copy of Chicago IRL came in the mail today. There are two photos from A Kid Again¬†featured. I’m officially published (first time or else I think I’d be more modest). This is so exciting!

Chicago IRL in Paris on my desk.

My work!

There’s a ton of great stuff inside (the drawings and comics really blew me away) as well as some fabulous poetry, interviews, and photos. Go get yourself a copy!¬†And If you’re in Chicago go to Women and Children First or Quimby’s!

  1. vnemana said: fantastic! congrats simon, that shit looks great in print.
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    Yay, we made it to France! We really loved Simon’s A Kid Again series and wish we could have fit more.
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    My wonderful friend Shimon has done something important.
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